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Approval Management


Many commercial, industrial and infrastructural projects are subject to a permit requirement under the amended law of 10 June 1999 on classified establishments ("relative aux établissements classés"), the so-called "Commodo Law".

All activities and installations subject to a permit requirement are defined in the amended Grand-ducal Decree (Règlement grand-ducal) of 10 May 2012 on classified establishments ("portant nouvelles nomenclature et classification des établissements classés") and classified according to the nature of the required approval procedure..


Very often, the classification of these regulations results in further permit requirements in accordance with other laws and regulations, such as: the


  • Waste Management Act,

  • Water Act,

  • Nature Conservation Act,

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Act, 

  • Industrial Emissions Act


or the need to carry out specific studies or investigations.


Approval procedures can be complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Above all, if you don’t have to constantly deal with this issue, there is a risk of losing the fastest track and the best way to reaching the goal, or not even recognizing this, which can result in a considerable loss of time.


Here lies our competence, because we mainly been dealing with this matter for many years and our ambition is to define the fastest and the best way to the approval of your project and then to tread it together with you. Trust us, we will help you!


And even after receiving your authorizations, we will not let you down ... Read more under: Duty management



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