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Duty Management


With the receipt of the requested authorizations, an important goal has been achieved and the project can be realized. However, as a rule, a large number of operator obligations arise from these authorizations, which must be addressed actively in order to ensure the company's compliance in the long term. Such duties include, for example, the implementation of inspections and checks, the performance of measurements as well as of regular reports, e.g. with regard to energy, internal waste, solvents, hazardous substances etc.


When carrying out these duties, we are happy to assist you by evaluating authorizations, observing deadlines, requesting, selecting and coordinating measurement and officially licensed bodies (“organisme agréé”, “organisme de contrôle agréé”), preparation, creation and timely dispatch of annual reports and much more in this context.


We are happy to set up a web-based management tool for you, with which you can manage, delegate and control your timely obligations.


Unless we haven’t already carried out the approval management for you, we can also take over various tasks (e.g. environmental inspections), which belong to your duties and for which to some extent (special) licenses are required (activities as licensed body ("organisme agréé") or "approved body").





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